Online practice tests

Two online practice tests are now available.

The Association of Social Work Boards now offers two full-scale online practice tests for candidates registered to take the Bachelors, Masters, or Clinical ASWB licensure examinations.

After candidates register and pay the examination fee for the licensing examination, they may choose to purchase access to a practice test. Our system will automatically assign one of the two tests available, based on the customer’s purchase history.

The practice tests are delivered via the Internet only—no CD-ROMs, books, or other delivery methods are available. You may purchase access to a practice test at the time you register for the exam or after you have registered at 888.579.3926, or by clicking the button below.

Technical limitations:
For best results, access an online practice test with Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 or 9. The software will not work properly via mobile broadband access. Cable broadband, DSL, and dial-up connections are best, and WiFi networks are generally not a problem.


How much does it cost?
Access to a practice test is $75. Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) only.

What software do I need?
The online practice tests are Internet-based, and work with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox on Windows operating systems and with Safari on Macintosh operating systems. There are technical problems for users with Google Chrome and AOL’s proprietary browser, so users should try switching to one of the other browsers listed above.

What do I get?

  • 4 hours to take a 170-question practice test one time.
  • 30 days (total) to review the questions, answers, and rationales. The 30-day period begins when you enter your email and purchase code to log into the practice test.

The program will allow you to take a complete, 170-question practice test once, and then will provide you with diagnostic information and a complete review of every question, the correct answer, and rationales. The test is timed to allow the same amount of time you will get on the actual examination—four hours—but you will be able to enter and leave the test as often as you like over a 30-day period. The 4-hour clock only runs while you’re taking the test.

After you complete the test, you will receive a score. You will also have access to an item-by-item review that provides the answer you selected, the correct answer (the key), and an explanation of the item and why the key is correct. This portion of the program is not timed, and it is available to you until your 30 days of access expires.

When does the 30-day access begin?
The 30-day access begins when you first enter your email address and purchase code to log in.

Can I take the test multiple times?
No. The $75 fee allows you to take the test only once. You do not have to take the test in one sitting, however. You can come and go as much as you wish, or you can choose to have a more “realistic” experience by taking the test in one uninterrupted four-hour block.

Can I purchase access more than once?
Yes, as long as you’re registered to take an ASWB examination. ASWB now has two versions of each practice test available. You will be assigned a version based on your previous purchase history.

Once I purchase access to a practice test, can I get my money back?

Can anyone buy access to a practice test?
No. You must be registered to take one of the ASWB licensing examinations first. Additionally, at the time you purchase practice test access, you will be required to accept an end-user agreement that includes this restriction, as well as other requirements regarding the use and sharing of the contents of the practice test.

Can I share the access with friends or a study group?
No. The user agreement limits use of the service to a single customer.

What is the difference between an online practice test and the ASWB study guides?
The ASWB study guides are printed books that go into much greater detail about how the examinations are constructed, including the phrasing of individual items. The study guides also include a list of social work references and resources divided by examination content area, as well as a brief practice test with rationales. The ASWB online practice tests do NOT include references, detailed information on item or test development, or test content outlines. The practice tests are just that—full-scale practice tests with posttest diagnostic information and item rationales.

Can I improve my chances of passing the actual licensing exam if I buy a practice test and/or study guide?
The products offered by ASWB are not designed to prepare you to pass the actual licensing examination. The study guides and practice tests were created to provide examination candidates with a thorough understanding of how the tests work and what to expect on the day of the actual examination. These resources can help reduce pretest anxiety and can assist candidates in understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, but they do not supply the minimum knowledge needed to pass any ASWB licensing examination.

How does the diagnostic and review portion work?
After you finish your practice test, you will receive a score report. This report lists the number of questions you missed in each content area. You may review the questions you missed, all questions, the questions in individual content areas, or any combination of these. There is no timer involved in this part of the program—you can spend as much time with this portion as you want to, until your 30-day access window closes.

Is the online test similar to the actual ASWB licensing examination?
Yes. The testing software functions in ways similar to the software used in Pearson VUE test centers. The test itself is composed of test questions retired from the ASWB licensing examinations.

Is the scoring similar to the ASWB licensing examinations?
Yes. You will receive a score that reflects the total number of questions you answered correctly and the total number that you needed to answer correctly in order to “pass” the practice test. You will also receive your correct-answer totals in each of the examination content areas, as well as the total number of questions in each area. After the actual ASWB examinations, only failing candidates receive the content-area scoring breakdowns.

I have a slow Internet connection/I get dropped from the Internet frequently. Will this program work for me?
Yes. Because you can come and go as you wish, being “dropped” from your Internet connection will not prevent you from re-entering when your connection is restored. The testing program timer will stop running and is programmed to pause while individual test pages are loading. The timer runs only after the page has fully loaded.

Do you offer technical support?
Yes. Technical support is available from ASWB. You can get assistance by sending an email to This account is monitored and responses are sent between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday (Eastern time).

What if I have questions about my payment?
You will be provided with an email address for payment-related questions and concerns.

Can I purchase other examination categories?
No. You may purchase only the practice test for the category (Bachelors, Masters, Clinical) you will be taking on the day of your licensing test.

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