CE Audit Services

Regulatory boards must perform continuing education (CE) audits to determine whether a licensee is compliant with that jurisdiction’s license renewal requirements.

CE audits can be a time-consuming and costly process, diverting a board’s resources away from other board business. ASWB offers a professional contracted CE audit service to alleviate this burden from the boards.

An added benefit: If a board also accepts ACE-approved CE providers and courses, the CE audit process can be further expedited through the integration of these services.

Currently, ASWB conducts CE audits in Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, with more jurisdictions to come.

ASWB contract CE audit services will:
• Contact licensees selected by the board to be audited
• Explain compliance requirements to audited licensees
• Distribute a form to be used to document CE activities
• Review submitted CE documentation
• Notify audited licensees of actions needed
• Provide audit status reports to the board from ASWB’s CE audit tracking system
• Deliver completed audit documents with license numbers to the board
• Increase board efficiency and effectiveness

To inquire about CE audits, please contact David Ryczko by email, dryczko@aswb.org, or phone, 800.225.6880, ext 3012

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