Schools of social work

The goal of ASWB in working with educators is to enter a supportive partnership. The resources that ASWB makes available to schools of social work are tools that can enhance the learning experience of students throughout the students’ educational career.

Examination orientation program

Helping students better understand the licensing exams can help reduce their anxiety about the experience. ASWB offers a Group Review Practice Test that provides sample questions retired from past exams for educators to review and discuss with students in a classroom setting. By reviewing test questions together, educators and students can explore rationales and engage in critical thinking.

The Group Review Practice Test is available to schools of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Other resources that are included in the examination orientation program are a document providing an overview of ASWB’s examination program, a user’s guide, and the Examination Candidate Handbook, which provides information about registering for and taking the exam. Group Review Practice Tests are available for bachelors, masters, and clinical licensing exam categories.

ASWB also offers study guides for all exam categories, which can supplement the group review experience. Study guides offer tips on preparing for the licensing exams, a description of the examination development process and administration procedures, sample questions and rationales for each content area of the examination, and a list of suggested references.

Path to Licensure campaign

The purpose of the Path to Licensure campaign is to provide social work educators with educational activities that will help their students understand and embrace licensure as an integral part of their professional development. Currently two schools of social work are partnering with ASWB to develop the pilot program that will help faculty and students build an understanding of the importance of regulation and raise awareness of the critical role of regulation in public protection.

School reports

ASWB offers schools of social work a school report service of summary pass/fail data of graduates who took the ASWB social work licensing exams. These reports are available only to the individual school of social work and include North American pass rate statistics as well as individual school performance data.

Continuing education providers

ASWB’s Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program was created to help licensing boards evaluate a provider’s ability to offer social workers with effective, relevant course offerings. ACE approval demonstrates that a CE provider has met rigorous standards and that the programs offered are of the highest quality.

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