Know your rights

Know your rights

You have every right to expect and demand that a social worker is trained, professional, ethical, and responsible. This relationship is yours to take charge of, and it is in your best interest to trust but verify.  Your local board is your resource for questions and concerns and Look Up a License can verify a license and its standing.

Protecting yourself         

While ASWB and the regulatory boards pursue their mission of protecting the public through their efforts, if you have begun work with a social worker, you are on the front lines. You should use common sense and be aware of situations that can lead to inappropriate actions.

For instance, there is a certain amount of urgency today to regulate e-practice, or social work over the Internet. If you cannot meet in person with your social worker–who could be anywhere in the world–or verify the identity of the person you are speaking with, how can you be certain he or she is, indeed, a social worker?  Contact your board for advice or accept only the services of professionals you can meet face to face.

Filing a complaint

Your local board takes public complaints about social workers seriously. They can act in many ways and take great care to treat all concerns with confidentiality and fairness. For information about how to file a complaint, contact your board or college of social work.

When a social worker breaks the rules

The board investigates each consumer concern and may take disciplinary action or recommend rehabilitation measures for the social worker. Board actions are recorded and tracked in ASWB’s Public Protection Database (PPD) for board reference when making licensing decisions, a particularly valuable tool for boards checking the history of a social worker relocating to their jurisdiction.

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